Our annual blowout, end of season event is nearly here! Come out our Wing Ding for some great and challenging 40 target shoot. We will also have our Saturday night shoot on an entirely different course. You won’t want to miss this one. Bring a friend who hasn’t shot out here and be automatically entered into a raffle for an awesome keepsake knife. Details coming…

You will also be able to by new types of merchandice and swag this year including hats, shirts, mugs, stickers, etc.

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our introduction

the BAC experience

Bloomington Archery Club (BAC) has had shooters out on the grounds for over 50 years! 

We have worked hard in making this a family friendly venue. Young and old, experienced and new will find it relaxing and fun to jump in on a shoot here at BAC. There is no push to finish and those that need to take their time can because we simply want you to enjoy this sport. 

We have had all the demographics of shooters out to enjoy some time with nature while flinging arrows down range. We setup our courses to be both challenging and fun. You will feel right at home and have a few laughs as you trek around our 40 acres of trails and targets. Enjoy our kitchen as we serve breakfast and lunch at our shoots.

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Our Property


Our Shoots


Once a month we setup at least a 30 target 3D shoot. Happens on the 2nd weekend of the month. Starts at 10am.

Available Year Round For Members

Our practice range has covered bags and older 3D targets. Practice both short and long range shots.

Indoor Shoot

Our Brush Shoot is a lot of fun and happens every Friday night for 6 weeks which ends February 10th. Join us January 6th, 7p @ the clubhouse.

Our Shooters

Traditional and Compound

Our ranges are setup for both traditional (longbow / recurve) and compound shooters. BAC is well known for a high concentration of traditional bowmen but we do have a lot of compound bowmen as well. Our shooting divisions are broke up by age, gender and equipment. Take a look here at our different shooting classes. 

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For 2023
$ 40 Annually
  • Key to the gate
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  • Ability To Camp

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For 2023
$ 60 Annually
  • Everything Included From Individual
  • Membership to Immediate Family
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“A great place that caters to all levels and all styles of Archery....”

"Thank you Bloomington Archery for being there to keep the tradition alive!"
Aaron Steele
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Shoot Scores

Past Scores

March 2023 Scores

Saturday Scores   Men’s Recurve Eric Deckard -265 Bud Kinser – 246 Chris Breedlove – 232   Men’s Longbow Dustin Sprawl – 213 Chris Marrs

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Brush League – 2023

Men’s Bow Hunter with Release: 1615 – Michael Sowders 1610 – Rob Gnaraeri 1604 – Justin Lloyd 1589 – Tyler Luallen 1596 – Jeff “Look

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January 2023 Outdoor Shoot

All Scores posted are from turned in score cards (61 shooters registered for this shoot) 1/14/23 Men’s Recurve: 257 – Chris Breedlove 247 – Bob

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July 30, 2022 3-D shoot

Mens  Recurve Travis Turpin 290 Josh Bogard 280 Chris Breedlove 269 Mens Longbow Eric Deckard 278 Dustin Spaw 248 Steve Reed, Sr. 243 Womens Recurve

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