Here are the scores from the event:

Mens Bowhunter Release:
1st: Brandon Shultz 322, 2nd: Stuart Barlow 317, 3rd: Jeff Johnston 304

Mens Longbow:
1st: Bray Henderson 232, 2nd: Steve Reed Sr. 221, 3rd: Brad Bell 218

Womens Bowhunter Release:
1st: Shelby Qualkenbush 270, 2nd: Kelsey Thomas 221, 3rd: Lesley Snider 220

1st: Tim Bishop 298

Mens Traditional:
1st: Aaron Steele 250, 2nd (tie) Earl Mason 246, Eric Deckard 246, 3rd: Keith Fondow 239

Mens Bowhunter Fingers:
1st: Alan Baxter 283

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