Wing Ding News!

Tumbler Raffle: Click Here

Smoker Round Info: Click Here

Registration Facts:

  • Wing Ding Registration begins 7am – 1pm every day
  • Night Shoot Registration begins 7am – 1pm Saturday and again at 7pm till dark.

  • 40 – 3D Targets
  • Plaques to be awarded to top three places in each class after their shoot off
  • Raffles for the following:
    • Timberhawk Bow
    • Hunting Equipment
  • Lots of knives to be tipped off
  • Free camping (starting Friday)
  • Customized laser work after lunch.
  • Trade blankets setup all day
  • Home cooked food available starting Saturday morning
  • The Night Shoot will start at sunse, Saturday September 16th
  • Follow the site for score updates during that whole weekend.
  • All scorecards must be turned in by 1pm Sunday to be accepted for any awards
  • Top 3 shooters of each class must be present for a shoot-off starting at 1:15pm.
  • All shooters must be off the range by 5p on Saturday and 1pm on Sunday.
  • Awards ceremony will begin at 2pm.


Wing Ding Shooting Fees:

  • Member Shooting Fees: Wing Ding Shoot
    • Adult and Youth: $30 (Wing Ding Price)
    • Cubs: $15 (Wing Ding Price)
    • Pee Wee:
    • Night Shoot: $15 for Adult/Youth/Cubs – Free for Pee Wee

Bring Someone And Win a Tumbler!

That’s right… bring someone out who has not shot at Bloomington Archery yet this year and you AND that person get entered into a special raffle. Must register at the WingDing. Winner to be announced at closing event. 

Smoker Competitions!

1). The smoker challenge will be one arrow only $5 to enter shoot 10 targets. 50% pay back to winner other 50% fund raiser goes towards new target for club. There will be two classes traditional and compound.

2). Clay shoot is a team shoot use 6 arrows each. $5 a head to enter 50% payout to winners other 50% goes towards new target for club. This is a game of elimination the first team that breaks all 4 clays moves on to next round.