Here are the scores from the event:

Men’s Bowhunter Release:
1st) Stuart Barrow
2nd) Jeff Johnston
3rd) Clay Harbstrait

Men’s Open:
1st) Justin Waldrip

Men’s Traditional:
1st) Clint Harding
2nd) Bray Henderson
3rd) Eric Deckard

Men’s Bowhunter Release:
1st) AJ Frye
2nd) Alan Baxter
3rd) Mike Hudson

1st) Garrett Chaillaux
2nd) Eli Shields
3rd) Aiden Lee

Women’s Bowhunter Release:
1st) Shelby Quakenbush
2nd) Cait Bohall
3rd) Alexia Lear

Women’s Traditional:
1st) Laren Harding
2nd) Jennifer Wrightsman
3rd) Deb Lines

Men’s Longbow:
1st) Steve Reed Jr
2nd) Chris Breedlove
3rd) Chris Marrs tied with Steve Reed Sr.

Youth Traditional/ Longbow:
1st) Konrad Polit

Youth Bowhunter Release:
1st) Braxton Turpen
2nd) Dayton Allen
3rd) Dom Woodruff

Trenton Harding
Tayler Frye
Hunter Bohall
Molly Rithchison
Cayden Turpin
Faith Bohall
Nolan McConnel
Brantley White
Khloe White
Adalynn Hamm
George Kinser
Kota Kinser

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