Results From Shootoff – drawing from top 3 score cards of people who were present Sunday at 1pm decided overall winners (Raw Scores at the bottom of the page)

Men’s Bowhunter w/release

  1. Cody Burdette
  2. Josh Lee
  3. Jacob Breedlove


Women’s Bowhunter w/release

  1. Anna Vincel
  2. Savanna Drake


Men’s Longbow

  1. Chris Breedlove
  2. Mark Kelly
  3. Steve Reed Jr


Men’s Traditional (Recurve)

  1. Dustin Spaw
  2. Travis Turpin
  3. Bob Shields


Women’s Traditional (Recurve)

  1. Mandy Boggs
  2. Deb Lines
  3. Tabitha Snyder


Men’s Bare Bow

  1. Shawn Feree


Youth Male Open

  1. Evan Rogers


Youth Men’s Bowhunter w/Release

  1. Hunter Chitwood
  2. Aiden Lee


Youth Men’s Traditional

  1. Aiden Long


Youth Women’s Bowhunter w/release

  1. Alli Parks


Youth Women’s Traditional

  1. Lillian Sweet


Men’s Open

  1. Michael Sowders
  2. Nick Fox
  3. Breston Sowders


Cub Traditional

  1. Rivers Beck
  2. Kota Kinser


Pee Wee is a non-compete class since they can shoot from anywhere




Raw Scores That Were Turned In:

Name Class Score
Rivers Beck Cub Traditional 372
Kota Kinser Cub Traditional 215
Shawn Feree Men’s Bare Bow 298
Stuart Barrow Men’s Bowhunter w/release 409
Jacob Breedlove Men’s Bowhunter w/release 402
Josh Lee Men’s Bowhunter w/release 376
Mike Doughtit Men’s Bowhunter w/release 372
Tony Schrock Men’s Bowhunter w/release 367
Cody Burdette Men’s Bowhunter w/release 366
Cole Grubb Men’s Bowhunter w/release 354
devon Drake Men’s Bowhunter w/release 351
Mike Arnonld Men’s Bowhunter w/release 350
Kagen Vincent Men’s Bowhunter w/release 350
Jacob Clark Men’s Bowhunter w/release 345
Jeremy Burton Men’s Bowhunter w/release 341
Skyler Newton Men’s Bowhunter w/release 332
Jacob Kinser Men’s Bowhunter w/release 324
James Parks Men’s Bowhunter w/release 312
Seth Ford Men’s Bowhunter w/release 312
Hunter Feree Men’s Bowhunter w/release 242
Chris Breedlove Men’s Longbow 317
Travis Turpin Men’s Longbow 317
Matt Sensesack Men’s Longbow 294
Steve Reed Jr Men’s Longbow 287
Eric Deckard Men’s Longbow 285
Dustin Spaw Men’s Longbow 283
Rick Lines Men’s Longbow 263
Bob Sheilds Men’s Longbow 256
Darrel Deckard Men’s Longbow 255
Mike Hudson Men’s Longbow 197
Terry White Men’s Longbow 177
ryan Tenthling Men’s Longbow 147
Michael Sowders Men’s Open 397
Nick Fox Men’s Open 379
Breston Sowders Men’s Open 376
Justin Waldrip Men’s Open 365
Jackson Rogers Men’s Open 361
Jeff Hazel Men’s Open 360
Trevor King Men’s Open 328
Dwight Douglas Men’s Open 315
Bryce Douglas Men’s Open 314
Allen Barter Men’s Traditional 369
Bob Sheilds Men’s Traditional 341
Travis Turpin Men’s Traditional 341
Dustin Spaw Men’s Traditional 331
Mike Bunch Men’s Traditional 322
Mike Snider Men’s Traditional 315
John Fort Men’s Traditional 313
Chris Breedlove Men’s Traditional 306
Mark Kelly Men’s Traditional 297
Josh Kush Men’s Traditional 285
Matt Richardson Men’s Traditional 274
Dakota Kinser Men’s Traditional 266
Shawn Dickmeyer Men’s Traditional 261
Levi Mitchell Men’s Traditional 255
Jack Bunch Men’s Traditional 247
Jason Dickmeyer Men’s Traditional 241
Shane Cassidy Men’s Traditional 219
Jeremy Coburn Men’s Traditional 207
Allen Barger Men’s Traditional 204
Randy Kieft Men’s Traditional 185
Mack Rogers Men’s Traditional 172
Dave Hoover Men’s Traditional 169
Cooper Mitchel Pee wee 216
Ryker Coburn Pee wee 214
Wyatt Sowders Pee wee 200
Waylon Sowders Pee wee 190
Nolan McConnel Pee wee 189
zachary Drake Pee wee 161
George Kinser Pee wee 99
Klaus Kinser Pee wee 49
Greyson Bunch Pee wee 48
Keria Gable Pee wee 20
Anna Vincel Women’s Bowhunter w/release 308
Savanna Drake Women’s Bowhunter w/release 205
Mandy Boggs Women’s Tradtional 300
Deb Lines Women’s Tradtional 259
Tabitha Snyder Women’s Tradtional 153
Leah Kinser Women’s Tradtional 68
Evan Rogers Youth Male Open 357
Hunter Chitwood Youth Men’s Bowhunter w/release 318
Aiden Lee Youth Men’s Bowhunter w/release 316
Aiden Long Youth Men’s Traditional 93
Alli Parks Youth Women’s Bowhunter w/release 242
Lillian Sweet Youth Women’s Tradtional 10

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