Wing Ding 2023 Scores

Results From Shootoff – drawing from top 3 score cards of people who were present Sunday at 1pm decided overall winners (Raw Scores at the bottom of the page) Men’s Bowhunter w/release Cody Burdette Josh Lee Jacob Breedlove —————- Women’s Bowhunter w/release Anna Vincel Savanna Drake —————- Men’s Longbow Chris Breedlove Mark Kelly Steve Reed […]

Wing Ding Scores – 2022

Only Top Score is mentioned. Anyone who turned in a card for scoring is listed below. The top ten by those points are posted. Mens BHT w/R Top Score = 520 1 Stuart Barrow 2 Jeff Hazel 3  Nathan Bohall 4 Mat Richardson 5 Alan Baxter 6 Tyler Luallen 7 anthony Dilli 8 Patrick Easter […]

Club Auction Today – 1PM!

Come by today for our auction to raise some funds for the club. We have some pretty cool and useful items and the club benefits. Auction Items  Fishing poles  Tent blind  Climbing tree stand  Crossbow  2 compound bows  2 gun cases (soft)  Arrows  Live traps  Deer […]

2019 Wing Ding!

Welcome to our big blow out shoot of the year! Door Prizes selected at Random 40 Targets All shooting classes are available Camping Available Friday through Sunday Breakfast and Lunch available throughout the day both Saturday and Sunday.  September 21st: Wing Ding. Signup from 7am to 2pm  September 22nd: Wing Ding. Signup from 7am to […]

Welcome 2020 BAC Officers!

2020: President- Eric Deckard, Vice Pres.- Bud Kinser, Treasurer- Randy Kieft, Communications- Liz Jackson 3 year board member- Tony White, 2year board member-Scott Mitchell, 1 year board member- Brandon Combs, Kitchen- Delbert White and Pam White, Grounds Keeper- Trevor Brown.

July 20 and 21, 2019 Scores

7/20/19: Bow hunter-release: 1st- Tony Schrock 302. 2nd-Trevor Brown 163.   Longbow: 1st- Aaron Steele 259 2nd- Ed Deckard 186 3rd- Jeff Ellis 169.   Traditional: 1st- Bob Shields 280. 2nd-Eric Deckard 251. 3rd- Brett Cooter 216.   Shoot on 7/21/19. Bow hunter-release – Trevor Brown 237.   Longbow: 1st- Steve Reed Jr 242. 2nd-Aaron […]

August 17 2019 Scores

Traditional- 1- Bob Shields- 259, 2- Eric Deckard- 253, 3- Dave Gorder,   Longbow: 1-Steve Reed Jr – 245, 2- Steve Reed Sr- 235, 3- Chris Breedlove-211,   Bowhunter Release- 1- Stuart Barrow- 317, 2- Jeff Hazel-295, 3- Justin Waldrip- 291   Women Traditional- 1- Liz Jackson-107,   Peewee- KK White, Khloe White, Brantley White, […]

August 31 2019 Scores

Traditional- 1- Scott Mitchell 239, 2- Eric Deckard 237, 3- Shane Cassidy 235.   Bowhunter Release- 1-Matt Padett 282, 2- Treavor Brown 265, 3- Tony Schrock 263.   Longbow- 1- Chris Breedlove 232, 2-Jeff Ellis 217, 3- Brad Bell 213.   Bowhunter Fingers- 1-Mike Hudson 204.   Women Bowhunter release- 1- Becky Hudson 233.   […]

Shoot Dates

2019 Dates January 19th: 3D Shoot – Signup from 10am-1pm (Ribbons Given) January 26th: Indoor Brush Shoot – Signup from 10am-1pm (Ribbons Given) February 16th: 3D: Signup from 10am-1pm (Ribbons Given) February 23rd: Indoor Brush Shoot – Signup from 10am-1pm (Ribbons Given) March 16th: 3D: Signup from 10am-1pm (Ribbons Given) March 30th: 3D: Signup from 10am-1pm (Ribbons Given) April 20th: 3D: Signup […]

January Shoot Scores In

January Shoot Score Results: Men’s Long Bow 1st John Lopez- 199 Men’s Traditional 1st Bray Henderson 2nd Jack Bunch- 259 3rd Chris Breedlove- 242 Women Traditional 1st Sue Bunch- 150